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View and explore 3D genome models from Hi-C data using virtual reality technology.


The goal of 3DGV is to build fully immersive VR genome browser where the user can seamlessly interact. We developed features to realize this goal.

Virtual Reality Controls
Interact with your data in a fully immersive VR environment.
Generic Data Overlays
Adapt any data over top of your 3D models.
Full VR Workflow
Work with your data entirely in virtual reality. No need to use the desktop.

Feature Highlights


You can enable models and add custom models to the system for any species or genome set.


View annotations as rings around sections of the model.


View genes around the model with start and end of base pairs.

Data Panels

View genes around the model with start and end of base pairs.

VR + Screen

Use this application on VR or as just a 2D version with your computer screen.

Custom Database

Import custom database for as many species, genome sets and model sets as you want.

iOS / Android

Coming soon...

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Questions? Comments? Contact us, we would love hear from you.
Email Us at 3dgv@cs.mcgill.ca